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Pokemon Go is the most popular game in the world. Join The Movement!

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Pokemon Go is the most popular game in the world. Join The Movement!

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Pokémon Go GPS Work-Around – Is It A Hack?

Posted By First Rate Games

As Pokémon Go persists its huge rise of global recognition, there have already been broad selections of creative methods from numerous players to defeat the system in order to gain supremacy. They have attempted all kinds of tricks from cheats to drones just to hunt


Gaming News

Dozens at Central Park, NY To Catch Some Pokemon

Posted By First Rate Games

Dozens at Central Park have been seen trying to seize hidden pokemon as the Pokémon Go, a new smartphone game continues to take over city. Infatuated fans of this new game are deluging city sites by the dozens, trailing and seizing the virtual creatures hidden

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Gaming News

Pokemon GO! The First To Catch Them All

Posted By First Rate Games

The man from UK who became the first to catch them all in Pokémon Go has attained yet another amazing feat. The 32 years old Sam Clark, a resident of Southampton, had to walk a distance equivalent to five marathons to hunt down the creatures