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5 Best First Person Shooter Games You should Play in 2017

First Rate Games Gaming News 5 Best First Person Shooter Games You should Play in 2017

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5 Best First Person Shooter Games You should Play in 2017

Posted By Firstrate Editor

Google play store always has something new to offer to gaming aficionados out there. With a choke-load amount of games of all kinds, there is surely something for everyone at the play store. Whether you love racing games, shooting, puzzle games, you are sure to find it all in there.

For action game lovers, here are 10 must play games that will give you a pumped-up 2017.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

It’s perfect timing for the developers at Gameloft to release the fifth installment of Modern Combat dubbed “Blackout”. The game which boasts high graphic and action filled gameplay is now free and downloadable from Google play store. After scrapping the $4.99 price tag on the shooter game, you now don’t have an excuse to get your hands on a premium game. You’ll love the challenging game modes that are sure to keep you glued to your screen.

Dead Trigger 2

Love killing zombies. Here’s your chance to blow their brains open. Dead Trigger 2 coma as an incarnation of its previous series Dead Trigger, which was applauded by close to 2 million gamers who gave it a staggering 4.5 out of 5-star ratings. Although the game has been around for a while, it’s a crime not to include it in this list. Its latter version comes with more content and augmented gameplay that is sure to make it even more fun and addictive. It surely is a must download for every first person shooter fan.

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

If there were prizes for the best game developers, Gameloft would scoop many of them. Nova 3 might not be the best game ever released under the franchise but, it surely is one that is guaranteed to steal your attention. With the latest state of the art arsenal, combat suits and advanced features, your mission is to save humanity. The game also has a great storyline which makes it a champ in its own right. Despite the ads that show up once in a while, the game is surely an action game worth playing.

Zombies Gunship

Do you sometimes get scared getting too close to the zombies? It’s time for some real zombie bombing. Limbic Software might not be the biggest name in the gaming industry, or even a little famous, but they have brought in a different gameplay to the world Zombie gaming. With an AC-130 ground attack aircraft, you can enjoy killing zombies on the ground under high definition 3D thermal imaging display. If you are bored playing copycat zombie games with predictable moves, then why not take it to the sky?


Wrapping up out top 5 list is “Unkilled”, which was released late in 2016. Although still new, the game has already received enough liking to appear on the A-list.

Given the life-like graphics that comes with “Unkilled”, there is no reason not to fall in love with this game. As if that wasn’t enough, perhaps the 300 action-filled missions with unmatched gameplay should convince you to roll up your sleeve and start shooting at the “real zombies” that roam every corner. Just be careful not to be carried away by the addiction.

These are some super-duper first person shooter games which are sure to inspire some intense gaming experience to many action gamers out there.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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