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5 Latest Android Games That Are Turning Heads In The Gaming Arena

First Rate Games Gaming News 5 Latest Android Games That Are Turning Heads In The Gaming Arena

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5 Latest Android Games That Are Turning Heads In The Gaming Arena

Posted By Firstrate Editor

Are you pumped up and wondering what’s in stock for 2017? Well, gaming developers don’t seem to be holding anything back anything and there is always a more enticing game after the other. If you are wandering around the Google play store looking for something to beat more meat on its bones then we’ve prepared a crunchy list for you to get started. Below are the 5 latest android games that are barely a few months old, but they are already making news all over.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Being the sequel to its previous version, the Hill Climb Racing 1, this new version has everything you can dream of in an off-road racing game. With the same principle in the previous version, expect some more challenges as you earn points through the various levels. The different car customization and different vehicle performances make the game challenging and fun to play. If you are a fan of racing games this is a must play. Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free game with in-app purchases.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Yet another new entry that has caught the attention of strategy game lovers all over is the Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. The game setting revolves around winning court cases by un-hiding hidden objects. With high-end navigation and game play controls, this android game is a smooth, fun and addictive. You also get extra points (FPS) for different levels of performances giving you a chance to get more advanced features and options as you climb up the levels. Though it comes with a tad price tag of $15.99, this is a game that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Shadow Bug Run

Shadow Bug Hunters is one new exciting game that is sure to drive you crazy. This Badland reminiscence game is a great option for anyone who is tired of playing zombie games that have flooded the gaming scene. There are lots of things to do in the game, all of which are challenging and fun to explore. Among some of the things that you will experience in the game includes running around slashing heads of bad guys, running past obstacles and traps among other challenges. The game is free and lightweight making it easy to play on almost every android device.

Twilight Struggle

Finally, board game lovers have something addictive to play all day and night. Surprisingly this board game is inspired by a cold war and you will get to choose your side; whether United states or U.S.S.R. You are supposed to play successfully through the cold war which lasts 40 years. The only thing that you shouldn’t do in the game is to trigger a nuclear war. That will mean the end of you and the end of your gameplay. If board games are your stuff then this is something that you need to try out.

Retro Winter Sports 1986

Are you an Olympic Games fanatic? Retro Winter Sport 1986 is an Olympic inspired game that comes with six different sporting events. To get started you need to choose among the available 12 nations that are competing for the six available sporting games. This is a game that you will love if you are into Speed Skating, Slalom, Curling game, Bobsled, Biathlon or Ski Jump.

You will be able to see the scores and achievements on the leaderboard as you progress and the leaderboard also appears on Google Play Games. For a dirty cheap price of $1.99, the game is all yours.

With these stunning games to mash up your 2017, you’ve got enough challenge and no reason to get bored all day.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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