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Asphalt Xtreme – Taking Car Racing To The Next Level

First Rate Games Gaming News Asphalt Xtreme – Taking Car Racing To The Next Level

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Asphalt Xtreme – Taking Car Racing To The Next Level

Posted By Firstrate Editor

Even with the bazillion games available in the Google play store, gamers cant get enough. Amazingly, there is always a slew of new crunchy games on the app store. Among the most notable names in the racing arena, is Gameloft, a gaming franchise that has received much love from fans. To give racing fans a gear-up challenge, Gameloft has released “Asphalt Xtreme”.

Developed for Android 4.0 and above, anyone who has some 1.4 GB of free space, 1 GB of RAM to spare and a network connection can enjoy the thrilling speed of Xtreme’s off-road monster trucks.

Like its previous versions, the new version features canyons, dunes and anything you’d expect in a rough road. Below are more features of the game and what fans should expect.

Race Anywhere Around the World

Under an uncharted territory where there are no rules, as a player, you can choose any location in the world. From the dry valleys of Thailand to the impassable muddy roads of Americas, you are sure to enjoy every bit of the game.

More Car Models for Augmented Experience

Every car racing fan loves to test a new ride and Asphalt Xtreme seems to understand that. The game features a wide variety of off-road cars from Jeeps to Chevrolet.

Switch to a Variety of Game Modes

A game only gets boring when it lacks level diversity. Asphalt Xtreme have addressed this by providing hundreds of career events and mastery challenges.

Switch to a Real-time Multi-player Challenge

If you get bored or just want to take your Asphalt racing to the next level, you can always engage in an 8 player online game. You should expect to rival along some players who are on their best form.

Customize Tour Ride to Your Own Desires

If the look of your car boosts your racing spirit, then you’ll be amazed by the variety of design, color and customization options available.

Although many would argue that the game is a bit aggressive under the freemium usage, it’s a decent game worth playing.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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