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Dozens at Central Park, NY To Catch Some Pokemon

First Rate Games Gaming News Dozens at Central Park, NY To Catch Some Pokemon

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Dozens at Central Park, NY To Catch Some Pokemon

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people catching pockemon at central park nyDozens at Central Park have been seen trying to seize hidden pokemon as the Pokémon Go, a new smartphone game continues to take over city. Infatuated fans of this new game are deluging city sites by the dozens, trailing and seizing the virtual creatures hidden across Central Park and other locations including Union Square Park.

The wildly famous free “hyped-reality” game needs players to move around in actual life using GPS and cameras on their phones to hunt for Pokémon that pop on their screens. Moreover, the game encourages fans to explore their surroundings as well as interact when gaming. A viral video showed a large crowd of Pokémon Go gamers rushing to catch the creature.

The game players were easy to notice as they all gazed at their phones, roving somewhat as if they were searching for treasure. Couples walked together holding hands and swiped at the same moment. Gamers have visited parts of the city they have never seen been and usually met strangers chasing the same creature. Moreover, the dozens flooded one part of the park such that it seemed to overwhelm the game’s system. Most fans said that the servers kept crashing as gamers congregated in one spot looking for Pokémon.

Central Park, NY pokemon dozens

The Central Park is one of the funniest joints to play Pokémon Go in New York City. Dozens of people flood there every night, carrying battery packs and chargers. People pull over their cars in the Grand Army Plaza to catch them all.

Pokémon Go has turned to be a phenomenon that has attracted mixed reactions from different parties. For instance, authorities have warned gamers against following creatures off train stands. Moreover, some people are luring gamers to remote places using the game and then robbing them. However, we will continue to see dozens at Central Park as the game keeps becoming popular.


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