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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough

First Rate Games Gaming News Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough

Posted By Firstrate Editor

Hearthstone is a brainchild of Blizzard entertainment, one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry. The game has got so much love from strategy game fans all over the globe. With over 10 million downloads from Google play store and a staggering 4.4-star rating from the users, everyone can tell that it’s a game worth falling in love with.

A stupidly simple, yet addictive cunning card game has turned out to be one of the most exhilarating games off Android play store. You might be wondering what makes the game so special. Below is a walkthrough of what makes this game a hot cake.

Getting Started

To get started with Hearthstone, you need to register your account at Battle.net. If you were a big fan of Blizzard’s previous games such as world of Warcraft or Star Craft 2, then you must have one already. Having the account also helps you switch between different devices while still retaining your active game and preferences.

Unique and Addictive Gameplay

We are all victims of copy-cat games which are easily predictable. Hearthstone doesn’t even keep you guessing. It’s just a unique game in its own right and comes packed with nine characters (minions) in which you are supposed to choose one to play with. You will be brought to a deck where the main objective is to crush your opponent by depleting their life points. Your minions cast different spells which are your weapon.

Facing Real Life Players

The fact that Hearthstone isn’t only limited to the system’s AI and lets one choose to battle other players brings the gameplay to a new level. Before you go on a head-to-head with other players, make sure you know the ins and out of the game and have drawn enough cards to increase your chances of crushing the opponent. Practice matches against the computer controlled characters also improve your battle skills.

Always Something New

Among the things that have kept Hearthstone users glued to the game is because the game is always updated and expanded with new campaigns to challenge players. This makes the game a continuous challenge and players can always expect to experience new exciting experiences.


Until you have gotten to a pro level, you should focus on designing and managing your deck rather than facing off with other real players. Losing a game means you will restart which is possible in a few minutes, but managing cards on decks could be a pain.

If you haven’t installed this game yet, then you are missing out in some real fun strategy game that is sure to blow your mind. And you don’t have to be a card freak to love this game, it’s just too good to ignore and you can play it on any device.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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