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Pokémon Go GPS Work-Around – Is It A Hack?

First Rate Games Gaming News Pokémon Go GPS Work-Around – Is It A Hack?

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Pokémon Go GPS Work-Around – Is It A Hack?

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pokemongo-hackAs Pokémon Go persists its huge rise of global recognition, there have already been broad selections of creative methods from numerous players to defeat the system in order to gain supremacy. They have attempted all kinds of tricks from cheats to drones just to hunt down as many Pokémon as they can in order to be a relevant competitor in the game.

However, the stakes of hacking Pokémon Go have raised again with a news video that was uploaded earlier this week. The video exhibits how an electronic-based solution can be employed to capture Pokémon without having to go outside or even walking around.

In the place of using software to spoof the GPS information, this newest technique entails a player to put the phone in a radio-frequency protected container and create a phony GPS by utilizing a signal generator. This fake GPS signal can be used to create locations for the device. Subsequently, custom software uses a joystick along with Google Earth application to gradually alter the signal to the phone by replicating a false walking motion and thus altering the faked location of the system.


Pokemon Go Hack 

Video Attachment: – https://youtu.be/9mC71c6zRUE

However, the urge to travel all over the world and capture Pokémon from the comfort of your computer desk might have certain pitfalls. The fairly major problem is the need to have a signal generator, a shielded radio-frequency box and other eclectic hardware that might not be easily available in close vicinity. At the same time, assembling the parts together might not look simple to everyone. Secondly, the risk involved in such GPS hacking is that it is against the rules of Niantic and if you are once caught cheating, you will be probably banned from playing the game for lifetime.

Nevertheless, the Pokemon Go GPS hack is truly amazing and can help you achieve remarkable feats in the gaming community. In spite of the mentioned drawbacks, the GPS crack can certainly be beneficial for you to be a master in the game. However, it is always advisable to play with honor and not try this out at home.

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