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Pokemon GO! The First To Catch Them All

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Pokemon GO! The First To Catch Them All

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pokemon-go-man-becoming-first-to-catch-all-143The man from UK who became the first to catch them all in Pokémon Go has attained yet another amazing feat. The 32 years old Sam Clark, a resident of Southampton, had to walk a distance equivalent to five marathons to hunt down the creatures and in the process lost two stones in just a couple of weeks.

He became the first to catch all the 143 Pokémon available in the United Kingdom. That leaves out just two Pokémon that are restricted to Asia and America, as well as the mystery creatures that are yet to be included in the game.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Clark reported that he had been walking for the entire waking hour to hunt down the creatures around his hometown. In the approach, he had walked about 225 kms and lost two stones. He also said that hunting down the Pokémon with the virtual Pokéball was exciting and once he had caught 100 Pokémon, he was extremely eager to find out if he could be the first to catch them all. However, he was extremely lucky to be a resident of Southampton that contains forests, wetlands, lakes and sea. This means that there all kinds of Pokémon available at his proximity.

As soon as Sam Clark discerned his amazing feat, he documented his accomplishment in a YouTube video that also included the strategies he had used to hunt down all the creatures. This achievement has indeed made him famous in the country and although there are some who would insult him, many came forward to take selfies alongside him.

pokemon go first to catch them all

When asked about the dangers that this game puts its players in, Mr. Clark dismissed them all and explained how the game had enabled a woman, who had suffered from a traumatic stress disorder after observing a road accident, to get outside with her friends to hunt down Pokémon.

However, players should be aware of their surroundings while playing the game. A slight ignorance might lead players into the danger of accidents but at the same time that is trivial in respect to the glee that the game brings among its players.

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