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Secret Agent Stealth Mission Walkthrough

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Secret Agent Stealth Mission Walkthrough

Posted By Firstrate Editor

It looks like action game lovers have some secret missions to complete in the new enticing Secret Agent Stealth Mission game. The recently released android game was developed by Brilliant Gamez and has sparked towering reaction from action game fans. The game boasts having a realistic environment, thanks to its 3D graphics. All you need to get started with the game is 48 MB on your android device.

To get you started with the game below is a brush-up and what to expect.

The Game Setup

The game gives you the chance to virtually tour the world completing missions all over being under-cover. Taking the role of agent Maya, you undergo training from a secret service agency unit of the army with the intention of maintaining national security.

Ranging from guns to C4 explosives, there is a variety of weaponry which you are expected to use in completing different missions.

The Missions

With multiple challenging military missions, you’ve got to be on toes and all eyes being a ghost agent. Moving fast is vital and you also have to be careful enough to avoid cameras and guards who are all over.

The game features a variety of missions including stealing enemy files, saving fellow spies, bombing targets and destroying enemy facilities. You are expected to complete these missions by eliminating enemy units while minimizing casualties. The game is level-based and you are expected to complete a mission to unlock the next. Expect to face stiffer challenges as you climb up the levels.

Coming up with an app game that stirs up the excitements that can only be found on a high-end modern warfare game is no small achievement. Secret Agent Stealth Mission is exciting and addictive for action game lovers.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming an agent but never got that real-life chance then we dare you to try out this game.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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