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Sniper Fury: Is This The Best Android Shooter Game Yet?

First Rate Games Gaming News Sniper Fury: Is This The Best Android Shooter Game Yet?

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Sniper Fury: Is This The Best Android Shooter Game Yet?

Posted By Firstrate Editor

Do you wander around the Google play store testing every game that you come across, hoping that you’ll somehow land on a good shooter game? Sniper Fury might be the end of your desperate search, and perhaps the beginning of some serious warfare gaming addiction. If you haven’t heard of Sniper Fury before, then you’ve probably been hibernating somewhere distant from the action gaming scene.

Developed by Gameloft, Sniper Fury is an action packed shooter game that boasts a number of unique features and elevated game-play. The game gives you a chance to immerse yourself in a diplomacy-less war zone and get into some serious shoot to kill action.

Sniper Fury Overview

Top-end Graphics

Gaming graphics is everything in a game. Lucky enough shooter game fans gets the best of it in Sniper Fury. Many compare the game’s graphics to that of Call of Duty, which tells you how fine it gets.

Ingenious Gaming Environment

Besides the amazing graphics that the game has, you’ll also love the atmospheric effects and the game’s environmental setting. You can maneuver around using armored vehicles, air units as you take on the over 130 missions.

Multi-player Gaming Mode

If getting into combat with real players makes you feel, then Sniper Fury has gone above and beyond to make the game both fun and addictive. The multi-player mode gives one even more added features including the ability to steal another player’s resources, improving your defense to guard resources among other exciting challenges.

Sophisticated Hi-tech Weaponry

An action shooter game without good weapons is useless and easily gets boring. Gamers want to experience the thrill of firing and using any modern arsenal against the enemies, and that’s exactly what you stand to get with Sniper Fury.

Use of Virtual Currency

While the game is free to download and play on any android and iOS, one can also use virtual currency in the game. If you end up needing to purchase more virtual currency, you can pay using a credit card.

This is not a game that will sweep masses and change the entire gaming world like Pokemon Go, but it is something that is guaranteed to please every shooter game aficionado out there.

Written by Firstrate Editor

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